What Is the Purpose of an Argumentative Essay?

You will have to do many different kinds of essays throughout your education. You will be expected to know the difference between them all as well. The teacher may assign you a particular type of essay without explaining to you what it is because they believe that at your grade level you should know them all already. Keeping track of which is which can be hard though. For some people it is very difficult to keep them all straight in their heads. The argumentative essay is one of the harder ones to recall the purpose of. Here is what is expected of an argumentative essay.

What is expected

Pick a side

When writing an augmentative essay you can go the pro con rout and talk about both sides of any argument. You can also pick one side and prove that it is the side to be on with facts and evidence. Pick a topic that you know well and enjoy talking about. This will make the writing better because you are more interested in what you are saying, making the reader more interested as well. The more interest you have the more it will show and the better you will do.


Now that you know your topic and know whether you will argue both sides of the topic or just one, you can start your research. Research is a very important part of most essays. With this particular kind of essay you are required to prove your point with evidence that you either observed yourself or that others have written about.


You now must use your research or observations to prove your point. Argue your side or both sides of the argument. Here is where you will explain to the reader why you chose that topic or side with valid evidence to prove that the point you are making is correct. You simply use the research to argue your point to be true.

Argumentative essays can be tricky. There is a great deal that must be done for them. Now that you are aware of what exactly they entail you are prepared to write one. Just remember to follow these guidelines and use good judgment when picking the topic and the research you wish to use. Also you will want all of the information to be in order and flow together well once written.