Assignment Writing For Free…Is It Possible?

As someone who makes a living writing original material the idea that I would provide my services for free is slightly insulting. Individuals, who ask for pro-bono work from professional creative writers, really need to evaluate what they are trying to achieve. Although I have no problem answering a few mentoring questions for students, I would never complete a writing assignment without first being paid. This is like asking a tradesman to build you a house without negotiating a contract or a lawyer to defend you without receiving a salary.

The only reason that I would even write someone’s academic paper for them is because they are willing to pay generously for it. The time and energy it takes to compose a high quality written assignment is invaluable to me when I could be doing paid work. Asking a writer to write for you without negotiating payment is like saying to them that their time is less valuable than yours.

We all know that students are under a lot of pressure to complete major written assignments on tight deadlines. For many this can be a stressful prospect, and procrastination does get the best of all of us at times. However intentionally neglecting your school work and then approaching a writer to help you get it done comes with a hefty price tag-with due cause.

How would you feel if I asked you to work for free? One thing that I always tell these individuals, and yes… I do get inquiries. Is that they need to consider the golden rule “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” It is absurd to think that I would provide my experience and expertise to a student simply so that they do not fail their course. It isn’t that I lack empathy; I was once a student myself. It is that I am a professional and typically professionals don’t work for free.

Asking For Help With Your Writing Assignment

A completely different matter altogether is when a student emails me requesting that I review their draft and give them some advice on how they could improve their writing assignment. If I have the time, I never hesitate to proofread and edit for students who could benefit from a little help. Mentoring young writers for free is something that I don’t mind doing at all because I know what it is like to be a student who is trying to get good grades.