Searching for Personal Statement Writers

If you're in high school and you need to write a personal statement as part of your college application, you should seek a writing service that specializes in writing college personal statements. When you contact or meet with the professional, you should tell him what the school guidelines are for writing the personal statement and if there are certain questions that need to be answered in the statement, also mention it to the writer. Make sure the writer has strong credentials and that he has expertise in writing personal statements.

Your Guidance Counselor Is A Good Source of Help

If you cannot find an affordable personal statement writer, you can visit your guidance counselor to get assistance. She will not write the personal statement for you but she will offer advice on the best way to write the statement. You can ask the counselor for tips on how to narrow in on your greatest strengths and how you can use your past experiences as a way to discuss the reasons why a certain college will suit your academic and career goals.

Online Writing Services

Another option is to hire a writer from an online writing service if there are no personal statement writers in your city. When working with online writing services you want to look on the websites to get an idea of the types of documents they write for customers and you should also find out if they can guarantee a timely delivery of your personal statement by a certain date. The online writing service should have writers who have good credentials and who will not plagiarize others' personal statements and have you think they're original.


Your personal statement is an expression of your abilities and personality, and if you lack the time to write a good personal statement, a professional writer is a good choice. When you receive the paper you need to look over it two to three times to ensure that the writer followed your directions thoroughly. If you think revisions need to be made, you want to talk with the writer so that you'll receive quality work.