How to choose relevant college essay topics?

Choosing the perfect college essay topic is critical to the success of the essay. Relevancy of the topic depends upon any guidelines that may have been given out by the instructor. A student may not know how to start choosing a topic or where to turn for help. If the teacher does not give any guidance, there are several other places to look.

If it’s a college application essay, that’s a different story. The application essay must be something from your life that tells the admissions committee something about you. They are not looking for a general list of accomplishments. An insight into your character is more appropriate.

Where to look for college essay topic ideas

Does your teacher expect a general overview or a detailed analysis? A general overview can be done on a fairly broad topic but if the expectation is a detailed analysis, your topic must be precise enough to give the analysis justice. It can be helpful to brainstorm with someone else. Choose the broad area you want to write about and then try brainstorming to narrow it down to something finite and specific.