American Art Reflection

Since long time ago, art has been an important part of American culture. Nearly all features of life were related to art since then up to date. Art was used to explain different seasons, conditions and status. Artists are highly appreciated in the American society. Nevertheless, art and artworks have been evolving since ancient time. According to Natale, growth of modern technology has resulted to the appearance of numerous new artistic trends in the American art today. Technological developments have lessened the rate at which artworks are produced therefore, leading modern art to vary significantly from the ancient art.

In American art, there were many artistic trends that were used. These trends varied depending on the goal of the artists. Interactive street art was my favorite artistic trend in spite of the presence of numerous artistic trends. This is for the reason that street art was not only established to create political or social statement, but was also there for the pleasure of the passersby. These ingenious pieces of art were planned to be prosperous with public interaction. The public became portion of the artwork internationally or unintentionally hence, bringing a creative new feature to the already thrilling work.

Besides art, interactive street art can be applied in several other contexts. For example, they can be applied politically to warn individuals against political ferocity, and inspire nonviolent campaigns and voting. Art can be also used in campaigns against gender violence. That is, discouraging women battering. This useful technique can also be used in the context of entertainment and leisure. This is for the reason that it delights all passersby regardless of their gender, age and race. Therefore, street art can be applied in numerous contexts besides art.

Gard asserts that an American history can be comprehended easily via American art. This is for the reason that all periods and incidences, which happened in American history were presented or recorded in artistic form. Therefore, diverse artworks represent different eras, leaders and even events, which took place in American history.

To conclude, American art has evolved considerably over the years. American art has also had an enormous influence on the American history. This is for the reason that it was the one used to record historical events in different forms such as paintings. Therefore, we should inspire and encourage art because it is the best means that can be used to remind us about American history.