Persuasive Essay Writing Guide: How To Catch Attention

Writing a persuasive essay is all about getting your reader to agree with your opinion. In order to do this, you need to get the reader’s attention. Sadly, many writers think that the best way to do this is by shouting - which is writing with capital letters. This is not the case. The way to get the reader’s attention is by using interesting words, clever arguments, and solid facts.

Focus on the Introduction

One of the most important parts of the persuasive essay is the introduction because this is the first place that the reader will be able to see what you, as a writer, can do. If you have a cliche or dull introduction, you will have a difficult time getting your reader to see your opinion and find it valid. Fortunately, there are several introductory techniques to use. They all follow the same format: hook, bridge, thesis; but, you should write more than three sentences.

Develop an Attention-Getting Hook with a Series of Questions

The hook of the introduction is your first and only chance to get the reader’s attention. This is the first impression of your essay. You can catch the reader’s attention by using one of the tried-and-true techniques. Many people will begin with one of the most effective, a series of open-ended questions. Your questions should not be able to be answered yes or no.

The questions should apply directly to the thesis you are going to develop so the reader immediately begins to think about the implications of the answers to those questions. Any time you write a series of anything in an essay, you should include at least three items in the series. One question could work, if the question is phenomenal, but two questions is just too few and seems choppy.

Quote a Famous Speaker

Another hook idea involves using a powerful quote from a famous speaker. When you do this, the quote should apply to the thesis. You should always give an attribution to the quote. Then, in the bridge of the introduction, you should be sure to explain why that quote is fitting to the topic of your essay, but without being too obvious.

Other Ideas for Hooks

A few other useful techniques include beginning with a series of alliterative words, interesting statistics, or with a brief anecdote. Whatever style you use, you should always connect it to the thesis in the bridge of the introduction. Then. you finish the introduction with your powerful thesis.

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