Definition of Cause and Effect Essay

If you were just assigned a cause and effect essay, you may wonder what kind of essay this is. A cause and effect essay describes the cause of certain problems and then it proceeds to discuss the effects of the problems. The first thing you need to do is decide on a good topic for this essay and you want to choose a topic that is unique, relevant and that will appeal to readers but that is also within your teacher's guidelines. For example, if you are writing a cause and effect essay about the cause of fatherlessness in many homes across America, you would state the effects of this trend in detail such as rise in crime, inability to relate to women in a good way, unemployment and a loss of self-worth that could lead to destructive habits.

Concluding Your Essay

When concluding your cause and effect essay, you want to end with a strong call to action and you can do this by listing tangible solutions to the problem. If you laid out the problems associated with fatherlessness, you can discuss how fathers should not walk away from their parental responsibilities and how they can instill unconditional love in their children by spending quality as well as quantity time with their children. Don't use the conclusion to restate the same facts you mentioned earlier in the essay.

Examples of Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics

If you are interested in health issues, you can write a cause and effect essay about the problem with childhood obesity and its' causes such as a lack of physical exercise and proper nutrition among today's kids. Another idea is to write about the problems that working mothers deal with as they seek to balance work with motherhood. If you have relatives in the military, you can write about the causes and effects of post-traumatic disorder among returning military service persons. If you have a problem choosing a topic for your essay, a good alternative is to consult a professional essay writing service. Finally, you can find someone who will write essays for money at the most affordable prices for you.


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