5 Ways You Can Benefit By Utilizing Free Essay Samples

Online essay samples are not just a resource for plagiarism. These papers offer the average student unique ways to learn about the writing process. From serving as a guide to bibliography assistance, a sample essay is a great way for students to become better writers.

Copy the Writing Style

Every subject requires a different writing style. Students may need to use Chicago, MLA or APA style to complete their paper. For many students, remembering the differences and requirements of each writing style can be difficult. In addition, reading through a writing manual about the style can leave the student even more confused. With a sample paper, students can easily see exactly what is required in their paper. They will be able to compare the font size, margins and citations to their own writing.

Look for Patterns

For the best writing, students should look for patterns in the sample. They should consider the average word count for each sentence, paragraph size and transitional words. Most papers will mix up the size of sentences to keep the reader's attention. Looking at these different patterns will help the student to learn how to write well.

Highlight the Thesis

One of the most difficult parts of the paper is creating a thesis. The thesis of the paper must make an argument that is supported by the remainder of the document. In the sample paper, the student should highlight the thesis in the introduction. Afterward, they should highlight the topic sentence of each paragraph. Did the writer develop their argument thoroughly? How does each topic sentence build on the previous paragraph?

How Does the Evidence Support the Argument?

After highlighting the thesis and topics, students should go through and look for the research that is used in the paper. They should look at the quality of the source and how it was included in the argument. If the writer did their job correctly, the topic of each paragraph should directly relate to the research sourced in the paragraph.

Look at the Bibliography

One of the biggest differences between different writing styles is the bibliography. In this section, the student may need to underline, quote, italicize or bold different words. The example paper will show them exactly how they should format the bibliography.

In addition to formatting, the bibliography can also be used as a research tool. If the paper is about a similar topic, the student can take sources from the example and use them for research. By doing this, the student can save on time spent in the library and still ensure a completely original paper.