The Things They Carried Analysis Essay: How to Highlight the Essentials

“The things they carried” is a reality based hard fact and truth revealing war story written by Tim O’Brien. The story is based around events that happen during the war and how the effect the lives and emotional affiliations of those involved. It is a good piece of literature to write an analysis essay on in your college. However, you will need to remember certain things for writing a good analysis essay

The author

You will need to give a detailed overview about the author of the paper. This will require the previous publications, birthplace, position in family, profession and certain other things that are important for the reader to understand the author’s preferences

The title of the story

You need to understand the title of the story and find a logical reasoning for the title. You will explain your readers why the author chose a certain title and whether it is the perfect fit for the story. You can suggest some improvements for the title if you think there are any.

The background of the story

You need to study the background of the story and explain it to your readers. The story is based on war so you might have to explain the background for that. You need to develop interest and proper grounds for your essay. This will help your readers understand the purpose of the story and realize your efforts.

Features to highlight in “Things they carried”

Like any other author, O’Brien has special features to his writing. He uses certain techniques and strategies to make his story more relatable and user friendly. If you look at the story thoroughly with a critical eye, you will identify different narrative techniques and themes in the story. These things help the writer in developing various character and their roles.

You can find numerous imagery techniques in the story. This helps the readers visualize the place where a scene was taking place. He explains with detail how a certain soldier looked and felt through his words.

Talk about the weaknesses of the story if any

Dedicate one body paragraph to the gaps in the writing. If you find anything missing or think some details are unnecessary, you need to mention that in this paragraph.

Conclude your essay

When you successfully list all the strengths and weakness of your paper, you can then conclude your essay in the last paragraph. This should be a brief summary of what you have discussed in the rest of your essay