5 Tips for Composing a Perfect Essay on the Freedom of Will

An essay on the freedom of will represents what you think and feel about a certain topic. It illustrates your attempt to communicate your feelings and thoughts to the readers. The essay is written on a complete free will and no embarrassments or concealments are involved. It is composed of an introduction, body and conclusion.

  1. Use Quoted Language
  2. The readers like to not only read the essay but also hear the voice of the writer. The quoted words create an impression that the essay is real and provides an interesting atmosphere when reading. Spoken speeches work miracles in connecting the writer and the reader. It engages some sense into the whole essay and makes the medium enriched.

  3. Keep the Quote Elements Brief
  4. When using the quoted speech you should not let the voice be heard for long in your essay. The speech will soon start feeling weird and boring. If you are not experienced in making speech texts, you might not bring out the effectiveness of the point you are trying to drive home. There is likely to be interruptions incase you lengthen the speech just like in real life.

  5. Use Conventional Spelling
  6. Do not intentionally leave out letters in your essay and write like the spoken language. You are expressing yourself in writing so ensure you write proper grammar. Be sure not to confuse the readers with the spelling mistakes as it would bring out the wrong perspective of what your essay is implying.

  7. Do not Over Emphasize the Point
  8. Over emphasizing on major points leaves the readers disinterested. Let the point be shown as the essay goes on. The reason behind this is because most writers do not have points to emphasize on in the beginning but as you continue to write the essay, your mind is open to more strong points and ideas. You can give the essay to your friends and see if they share the same views and sentiments that you hold.

  9. Review the Essay
  10. It is important to go through the essay and carry out corrections. Some parts might need to be rewritten and other edges smoothened. Try to use active voice in your essay as much as possible. Use a transitional word in between the paragraphs and in the conclusion. The transition maintains the flow of the essay from the start to the end.