20 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

When writing a persuasive essay, selecting your topic can be a difficult task. It is important to pick a topic you feel passionately about, but not too much so, because you want to avoid being overemotional in your persuasion. You want to persuade your audience with data, statistics, and other tangible information to convert their thinking. Here are some ideas to explore:

  1. Adoption: Often when looking to start a family, many people overlook the benefits of adoption. Explore the pros of adoption and the endless benefits. Provide unheard statistics and shed light on a dire cause.
  2. Vegetarianism: What are the benefits of vegetarianism? What are the constraints of this type of diet? Explain how a meat free diet can be an easy transition, and a great change for your life.
  3. Cancer Treatment: Explore some lesser-known cancer treatments. Why are these treatments beneficial? How can they better medical care?
  4. Solar Power: Solar power is a clean means of generating energy, but is often limited to consumers. How would solar energy benefit us if it were more widespread? What are some forms of solar power?
  5. Paid Athletes: Address the topic of paid athletes. Do you believe they should be paid? Should college athletes be eligible for payment? Who makes these decisions and what is the best structure for the sport industry?
  6. Abstinence from Alcohol: Explain the benefits of alcohol abstinence, and the problems that can arise from alcohol. There are many psychological, physiological, and culture aspects of alcohol abstinence to be explored in a persuasive paper on the topic.
  7. Hemp: Hemp is a material that was outlawed with the banishment of marijuana. How would the economy and textile industries be better by reintroducing the production of hemp?
  8. Religion in School: Religion is not a part of curriculum for modernday education. Should religion be incorporated in school? If so or if not, why and what makes you believe so?
  9. Sexual Equality: Unfortunately sexuality is not a protected class of individual when it comes to many instances of the law. What is the importance of protection based on sexuality?
  10. Gender Equality: Women are still paid a fraction of what men are paid, and the working world is still male dominated. Explore the topic of gender equality, instances of inequality, and ways to change the societies’ outlooks.

These topics and explanations just scratch the surface of persuasive topics. Continue to explore topics of personal interest and use our suggestions as a helpful starting point. Here are some more to get your creative juices flowing: