How to make a mighty start of your admission essay

Admissions experts at the college level only have a limited amount of time to spend reading application essays. Since their time is so limited, it is vitally important that you are able to begin your essay with an amazing introduction that lets the reader see what type of a writer you are and what your personality is. When you are ready to write your admissions essay, there are a few easy things you can do to ensure that your introduction is snappy enough to grab the reader and keep the reader reading.

Learn Some Useful Techniques for Hooks

The first thing you should do is craft an attention-getting hook. Some of the most popular and successful techniques include starting with a shocking fact or statistic as well as beginning with an anecdote or a quote from a famous person. Once you have decided on your hook style, you should be prepared to explain the hook and how you connect to it. The hook and explanation should be about you, especially if the admissions essay lends itself to personal stories. Then, you should create a bridge sentence that will move smoothly into the claim you are presenting in the essay.

What Will Turn the Reader Away from Your Work

Getting the reader’s attention is important, but there are a few things you should never do in an essay because these thing will actually turn readers away from your work. The first thing you should avoid is writing in all caps because that denotes you are shouting. There are some students who think that readers will be more motivated to read if the type is in all caps. This tends to actually turn readers away rather than grab their attention. The next thing you always avoid is including sentences like this: “In my essay, I’m going to…” You never want to directly address the writer and explain what the essay is about. Your readers will know what the essay is about by the title and the essay.

Get an Opinion from Readers You Trust

Something else you should do to show that you can write a mighty application essay is find a few readers to give you an honest opinion. Usually this type of essay has a deadline, so you will need to show off your skills and your new location before the time is up. Have fun when you are writing and those who are reading your work will see that you had fun on the project.