Is College Indeed Worth It? 

As a consequence of the Great Recession the entire world has been through recently, more and more people have started to re-consider their lifestyle and their spending. Outside of trying to save money on the bills and trying to not get into any more debt, people have also started to see college education in a whole new light of things.

Many of them have started wondering whether or not college education is still worth it. After all, it represents one of the largest debts in the United States and it can be absolutely destructive for one’s finances if one does not handle them very carefully. Eager to start their new lives as students (and further on as young professionals), many of the people out there are ready to get themselves into huge amounts of debts in order to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree only (not to mention the amount of the debt associated with a Master’s Degree and even more, with a PhD as well). However, once out of college, the same indebted people have to face the reality of the fact that finding a job in just six months will be very difficult to do.

Depending on each person and their goals in life, college may still be worth it. In the end, educated people still stand a better chance of landing a very good job and making a good living as a result. Of course, there are many famous examples that would contradict this (Zuckerberg, Jobs, and so on), but for most of the people out there college still is a gate open towards a better future.

At the same time though, nobody can expect to land on a fairly-well paid job from the very beginning without building a solid resume beforehand. College can offer a person with the chance of creating the social networks so much needed in real life. Even more, it can offer a person with plenty of opportunities to volunteer and to build the experience all the employers out there will be searching for even before a person has actually had any job at all.

College may not be fully worth it for those who do not need a very straight career path (such as law, medicine, finances, and so on). Art degrees, for example, can be considered to be dispensable and it can be said that almost anyone who has talent and is willing to work for it stands as good a chance as anyone with a degree in this field. Still, in the end, whether or not college is worth it becomes each person’s individual choice and generalizing things may be more dangerous than helpful for those who are facing this decision at the moment.