Successful Essay Writing: How to Compose an Intro Paragraph

What is the ideal way to compose a good introduction?

The first thing, you need to do is Research your topic and take notes

Brainstorm for ideas

Sit down in a quiet corner and think of all the possible approaches you can take to this essay.

Create an outline

When you have ideas for introduction paragraph of your essay, you need to organize them in an order. You need to sort out the order of ideas in your outline. It is you who will decide which idea to show your reader at what point.

Develop a thesis statement

The thesis statement is not a compulsory part of an introduction. Some students use it while others do not. It is a summary or plan of action for your essay. It shows what your essay is about and which problem you will address in your paper.

Write the first draft

Once you have the thesis statement and raw data for your paper you can then create the rough draft for your paper. Do not worry about typos or grammatical errors in this phase. This is just a draft that you will re-write in the later phases. This is just to have an idea of what you will include in your paper.

Edit your introduction

When you create the first draft, it is the first milestone you have achieved. After that, you need to edit and improvise your paragraph. Editing not only includes proof reading for typos and grammatical errors but also deals with the adding value to your paper. You need to cut down irrelevant details, improve sentence structure, re-phrase different sentences that do not make sense and improve the readability of your paper. This is very critical phase of your writing and you need to pay close attention.

Write the final revised version

After you cut out all the irrelevant data and read your introduction carefully, you will have a better idea of the modifications. The highlighted areas in your paper need to be changed. You can re-write your final draft after careful consideration of all the markers. You need to make sure this is the final revision and there is no further space for mistake. The final draft should not have any grammatical or spelling mistakes at all. To be sure, it is a good idea to proof read your final paragraph after you complete writing it.

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