What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is a type of essay where you discuss an important event that had an influence on your life and what you learned from this event. For example, if you recently became cancer-free after battling breast cancer for the past three years, you can write a narrative essay on this situation. A good narrative essay will also have a strong plot so you want to remember this when writing the essay. You can start the essay with the tears you shed after the doctor told you that you may need a double mastectomy due to the breast cancer.

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Write in First Person and Write Descriptively

Because you are writing about events in your life, most of the essay will be written in first person although you may refer to other characters as it relates to what you experienced. It is also important that you use descriptive and detailed language in the essay instead of writing with generic and boring terms that do not give readers a better understanding of your life in the essay.

Write an Outline Before Writing the Essay

To keep the essay well-structured, you should write an outline first before writing your first draft because it helps you stick to the main topic at hand. For example, if you are writing a narrative essay about how your marriage of twenty years survived a painful case of infidelity three years ago, create an outline that starts with the revelation of the infidelity and ends with the recovery and forgiveness of your spouse towards you.

Get Help from the Professor

If you get stuck with organizing and writing the narrative essay, you should talk with your professor to get assistance. He may suggest that you take out certain details of the essay so that you will have better clarity when writing the essay. Another idea is to visit a tutor at the college campus writing lab.

When you write a narrative essay, you get the opportunity to share important parts of your life with the general public through your writing and those parts of your life can inspire others to become better people or to continue with a positive attitude despite adversity in their lives. Narrative essays can cover a variety of life events and this is why many authors like this kind of essay.