A List Of Funny Essay Topics For High School Students

Writing an essay is often seen as a boring task, but when you have the option to choose something humorous this is when things get interesting. A funny essay topic can be something to look forward to. You can choose to write about an embarrassing moment or a scene you saw on television that made you laugh so hard until you cried. To help you generate ideas here is list of 10 funny ideas for a high school essay.

  1. You favorite comedy sitcom. Your essay topic can be about a scene from your favorite sitcom or maybe something on you saw on television or in the movie theatre. Think about something a character did or said that was really funny. Why was it funny?
  2. Most embarrassing moment experienced in public. Have you experienced something you think back on now and laugh about it? Maybe you had an embarrassing moment when you were little that others thought was funny.
  3. What was something funny someone told you? This may not be necessarily a joke but something someone said that came out awkward. You may have a moment where you ask them to repeat what they said to get clarity but then you realize it is funny.
  4. Funniest joke ever heard. There are hundreds of jokes people tell each other all the time. What was something funny you heard or told someone that left people laughing? Your essay can be about a humorous moment experienced in class, at home or with friends.
  5. Things that make children laugh. There are all sorts of things that make children laugh from funny noises, cartoon characters, funny faces, etc. Your essay can be about the most humorous moments in childhood.
  6. Obnoxious things that make adults laugh. An example may be when you are at the table and someone belches really loud in an awkward fashion while talking.
  7. When you forgot to do something. Sometimes you need to laugh at yourself when you forget to do something. Maybe you put something in the refrigerator that should have gone in the cupboard.
  8. Bodily noise (passing gas, stomach growling, etc.). You can write an essay on when you passed gas at an inappropriate time.
  9. Messy moments. Did you spill food or a drink when you were trying to be neat and tidy?
  10. When you tried to keep from laughing. A moment when it should be silent but you couldn’t help it.