Where To Go Looking For Free Essay Examples: 5 Tips That Will Save Your Time

For most of us, deciding what to write is the most difficult part of writing. The world is vast and there is so much we need to talk about. If only we can narrow down what we need to talk about, our writing life would become so simple. Once the topic is decided and we sit down to write, amazingly, the words start flowing as if there had been no problem all along.

You should look for free essay examples in all the usual places, most notably, the internet. This medium of information has no parallel. It contains a treasure trove of information and you just have to know where to look for it and how to look for it. Here are five tips that will help you save time while you look for free essay examples:

  1. Decide the general area of your topic beforehand
  2. Knowing your topic area ahead of time will greatly reduce your time spent looking for samples. To do this, take a pen and paper and draw up a list of your favorite areas to write about. Initially the list can be as vast as required but you should whittle it down into a small number of topics based on preference quickly, before settling on your favorite.

  3. Decide the medium of search
  4. Generally, this will mean deciding which of the main online search engines you will use. It is always best to go with the most popular one as this most probably means it gives the best and most detailed results.

  5. Know your search terms
  6. Having decided your topic and your search engine, you need to have a good idea about keyword and search term use to make the best use of the search facilities. If required, read up on effective searching techniques.

  7. Use alternative search means
  8. Apart from the traditional search engines, make use of specialized academic databases like JSTOR or Questia to come up with samples. These are more exclusive databases and their contents are academic in nature so you should look here only if your essay topic is geared towards research.

  9. Software up to date
  10. Different resources on the internet use their own preferred file formats. Make sure your system has software that can handle at least the most common file types such as “*.docx; *.pdf; *.epub; *.mobi”. Also make sure that all your software is up to date to avoid problems when opening files.