10 Steps To Writing A College Essay On Luck Has Nothing To Do With Success

Do you need to complete a college essay on the topic, luck has nothing to do with success, but are not sure how to approach the task? You should figure out some great tips for handling such a project so that you can increase your chances of a top grade. Here are 10 steps to take to ensure you finish this essay with a good quality grade:

Step 1: Check Samples

The first step is to see if you have the right idea for what the piece should contain, and you can do that by taking a look at samples.

Step 2: Research

It’s important to conduct your research early so that you are able to figure out what direction your project will go in. You can carry out your research at a variety of places such as blogs, forums and educational websites.

Step 3: Find A Story

For a good quality project you should be able to find a story that you can get behind. You can find a high quality story by taking a look at media websites or news websites.

Step 4: First Draft

To begin the writing phase create a quick first draft that you can then make improvements on. The quality of the first draft will not determine the end result, it is just a starting point.

Step 5: Teacher

Ask your teacher for improvements that you can make to the first draft – the advice they provide can prove to be very valuable.

Step 6: Information

Make sure that your content has enough information in there to be worthy of a top grade. If the there is a lack of info then you can go back and find some more.

Step 7: Citations

You should ensure that every single fact that is presented in the project is properly referenced so that the examiners can see the sources of your info.

Step 8: Thesis Statement

You can go back to the introduction and enter a thesis statement that fits your project. This is sometimes a good idea to do at the end, because you know what your project is about and can create a statement that matches well.

Step 9: Proofreading

Make sure that you have proofread the work to a high level of quality.

Step 10: Hand It In

After all the hard work it would be a shame to miss the deadline – so make sure to hand it in on time.